If you're looking to join any home business, by the time you finish this special report, you'll be armed with insights most people will NEVER learn. What you're about to encounter is the harsh reality of the home business industry...

"Insider Secrets Exposed: Learn The Unfiltered TRUTH About Residual Income No One Else Is Telling You Why You May Want to Rethink Your Strategy..."

Save yourself from getting ripped off: Get the raw, uncensored facts in this controversial report that may anger some, but will help countless others.

Dear Open-minded Friend,

This isn't going to be one of those websites where you have to wade through the usual hype you might be used to. I'm going to skip all that and cut straight to the chase, because there really isn't any time to waste if you want to avoid becoming another statistic. If you truly want to create a lifetime of residual income, you need to watch the two videos below and read my exclusive report...

If you want to live in 'Averageville,' grab some Doritos and go watch your favorite reality show - this report is NOT for you. However, if you're serious about learning the secrets to creating a true and lasting residual income, please read on...

My name is Larry Oxenham and thanks for stopping by my site. Each week over 175,000 people join a home-based business. Sadly, over 95% of them will eventually fail and end up spending more than they make.

And if we were both sitting down having a discussion, and I asked you to tell me the reasons why YOU think most people fail in a home business, what would you say?

Would you come up with some common answers like these below?
  • Lack of sales or marketing skills

  • Lack of discipline and consistency

  • Lack of personal growth

  • Lack of desire

  • Not enough time

  • Not enough effort

  • Not enough money

  • Unrealistic expectations

  • Fear of rejection

  • Fear of taking risks

  • Fear of failure

  • Fear of success

  • Quitting too soon

Well, those things used to be the main reasons why most people failed in the past and are still important factors, but the real culprit today goes much deeper than that...

So let's take a look at some of the underlying causes that are NOT always discussed, and get to the actual root of the problem...

The sobering observations I'm about to reveal to you will make some people angry... very angry. After all, just a select few have been privy to this information, and there are individuals and companies out there that don't want YOU (and the masses) to know their dirty little secrets.'

Now, most people won't want to listen to this kind of stuff because they're in denial... but I'm hoping you're not 'most people.'

To put it bluntly, most people don't take the time to educate themselves and do their "homework" before they get started in a home-based business, and as a consequence they end up losing hundreds and sometimes, THOUSANDS of dollars in the process.

You'll finally learn the unvarnished truth about the home business industry no one else is telling you, and why you're almost guaranteed to fail without this knowledge.

More importantly, you'll discover how to put this jealously-guarded information to work for you to avoid getting stuck in a 'revolving door business.'

The information I'll share with you in my report has been compiled from diligent research and practical "in-the-trenches" experience, and there's no better teacher than that. Once you've been armed with this knowledge, it will only help you if you actually DO something with it.

So, if you're considering joining ANY home-based business, or you're sick and tired of all the endless hype, "pre-launches" or chasing the "next best" opportunity, and you're finally ready for something that really works long term, then pay close attention, because this is about a very different kind of philosophy.

Watch this first video presentation...

Insider Secrets Exposed Part 1:

"The Problem"

As you can see, there are lots of important things to understand when considering a home business, but before I discuss "The Solution," let me first cover the fact that business opportunities are NOT created equal.

All things evolve over time animals, humans, the land, beliefs and even companies and business models!

It's simply the way things work if they're going to survive. Innovation is a critical component.

Most businesses are built on a flawed business model that almost guarantees fast failure. In fact, like the saber-toothed cat, there are thousands of so-called business opportunities that have failed, and continue failing every day because they can't adapt.

According to the Direct Selling Association (DSA) more than 60,000 network marketing companies have been launched in the United States alone since 1963! Many of these were so poorly designed and managed that most failed before the public even knew who they were! Worse yet, good people lost tens of Millions of Dollars when these flawed opportunities collapsed.

But their failures weren't a surprise when you consider the standard MLM, or Network Marketing Model:

70+ years of history reveals that a traditional MLM organization (downline) consists of roughly 99% Distributors looking to make an extra income from home and only about 1% may be real consumers (customers that buy the products without an interest in making money). BIG difference.

In most cases, their only CUSTOMERS tend to be DISTRIBUTORS who only buy products to stay active.MLM organizations tend to have lots of distributors, but few genuine customers because they're selling profit rather than product.

And the all important practice of retailing product has become taboo, putting 90% or more of the focus and attention of the business on recruiting instead of customer acquisition, which is where the long-term stable money is made.

For better or worse: The NEW REALITY of Network Marketing is that true success and personal wealth come from a CUSTOMER-BASED, not a DISTRIBUTOR-BASED system. This simple fact eliminates about 99% of the MLM/Network Marketing opportunities available today, and tomorrow!

By the way, the FTC loves to pick on (i.e., shut down) companies that are primarily focused on recruiting new distributors and reps, instead of retailing product.

Since many distributors hop from company to company when they don't get into profit fast enough, attrition kicks in, and there goes all your hard work down the drain. Once your distributors quit, they usually cancel their monthly autoship order, so there goes your customers, too - Ouch!

The idea of "Do it once and get paid for life" has been nothing more than an empty a pipe dream for most people in the home business industry Until now.

But before we go any further down the rabbit hole, let me make something perfectly clear... I'm not criticizing those currently active in this industry or in a business that's working for them.

That's not the point here, and there may be that rare 1 in 1000 exception that can recruit a small army and build a downline that lasts for more than a few years before shriveling up completely due to massive attrition...

But if the idea of being completely dependent upon strangers you've never met, and having to start from scratch and build a new business every 9-24 months sounds like fun to you, then hey Go for it.

The fact is, you don't know what kind of long-term plans people in your downline have, and you don't know what they'll do next. Yet in a traditional MLM business, your commission checks are almost 100% dependent upon them and hundreds or thousands of others just like them.

That just seems ridiculous to me... but seriously, if that kind of merry-go-round' no longer has any appeal for you and you're tired of the jumping, the attrition, the rumor control, the baby-sitting adult children who never do anything, and dealing with deadbeat and broke tire-kickers who think $200 to start a legitimate business is too much money - then this is your wake-up call.

Welcome to the END of old-fashioned and outdated
opportunities that leave you with a sour taste in your mouth.

I believe that true and lasting residual income is created ONE WAY and one way ONLY; Customer acquisition and customer retention... because it's REAL customers reordering a consumable product or service that makes building a long-term residual income a possibility in the first place.

Ready for a paradigm shift?

Watch Part 2 of my video presentation below to learn how the media is changing the dynamics of the home business industry...

Insider Secrets Exposed Part 2:

"The Solution"

A 21st Century Business Model

The Customer-based business model you just learned about is a real SOLUTION for the challenges facing network marketers and home business entrepreneurs in today's day and age. It solves The Biggest Problem today in ANY Business - GETTING CUSTOMERS!

The Customer-based business model breaks the old-school MLM mold by offering qualified Affiliate Members the opportunity to purchase customers the company generates for them while they actively grow their business.

You can own a business with realcustomers and the best part is that you don't have to find all customers yourself because the company will assist you through their cooperative advertising.

With most (if not all) traditional MLM and Network Marketing opportunities, you're presented with the business model, and then you're told to go out and canvass the world to get customers and distributors.

In a customer-based business model, you can share the products and/or business opportunity with people in a rejection-free way, and leverage your efforts through the company's advertising.

The company can handle all the daily operations (things that most of us don't want to do), like stocking product, inventory, fulfilling orders, retention, back-end marketing, collection, reselling our customers additional products, and even talking to your customers when they have questions.

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There's NO other business model in ANY
industry out there that does this. None.

Remember, these customers want to order the products and are NOT making a purchase because there's a business opportunity attached to it. This in turn, creates a stable and predictable residual income for home-based entrepreneurs like you.

Criteria For Choosing The "Right" Business

As you can imagine, finding ANY quality home business that has ALL the missing pieces of the puzzle in place is very rare. It's like actually being able to find a needle in a haystack.

My team and I researched the home business industry's most successful companies, interviewed top money earners and corporate executives, checked them out through the Better Business Bureau, and as a result, put together the following criteria below.

See if the opportunities you've tried in the past can match the following 22 critical points (check each one that applies):

The Affiliate must be able to make money without having to recruit a lot of people.

The Company must have a system in place for new customer acquisition.

The Company must have a plan for customer retention.

The Company must have a plan to market and sell new products to existing customers.

The Company must provide outstanding Customer Service.

The Company must be at least five years old. (Less than five years, the company has NOT evolved to a point of stability.

Management must have a diversified background.

The Company must have full-time Customer Service with a Manager and Staff, who provides telephone and email support, with friendly, professional and responsive service.

The Company must have a history of introducing new and innovative products and services to existing customers.

Must have both business-to-consumer and a business-to-business model to market.

The Compensation Plan has to enable and reward the affiliate for selling the product, not only for recruiting, IF they choose those options (selling recruiting).

The Company must have a history of shipping the product and paying commissions on time.

Healthy Customer-to-Affiliate Ratio must be 4-to-1 minimum; A 7-to-1 ratio is better and preferred.

The Company must have at least one flagship, science-based product, with remarkable efficacy and a large and growing marketplace (today and for the next 10 years - Not a fad or trendy)

The Product must be in demand and consumable (creates an emotional attachment to the product which encourages re-orders).

The Product must work and perform at a consistent and high level.

The Product must be easy to use (fast, easy and fun to operate/consume).

The Product must be easy to refer (fast, easy and fun to introduce to prospects).

The Product must have value (not what you spend, but what you get and what its worth - no $50 soap, padded for Affiliate commissions.)

The Product must have new or unique features (USPunique selling position)

The Product must have monthly renewal (creates ongoing consumption and, as a result, residual income.)

The Product has to stand on its own would YOU buy the product if no business opportunity were attached?

The unfiltered truth is, most home business opportunities that exist today only meet 7 of these 22 important criteria!


This final step is completely optional, but I believe you owe it to yourself to at least check it out you have nothing to lose and your existing life will always be there for you if you decide my project isn't for you.

My leadership team consisting of several highly successful six and seven figure earners, scrutinized HUNDREDS of business opportunities in the industry and only ONE COMPANY satisfied each and every one of our list of 22 criteria listed above. This one progressive company has already chosen to evolve, guaranteeing itself the highest seat in the 'food chain.'

If you believe the ultimate goal of all entrepreneurs is to create significant residual income and have good health to enjoy their wealth, then I invite you to read on and find out what many are calling the last business you'll ever need...

Put The Power Of The Media To Work For You

Many home-based businesses today are finding it tough because they're selling things that people might want, but don't necessarily need.

With the economy the way it is, many good companies are struggling forthis exact reason. My business is recession-proof because it has products people can't live without regardless of their economic situation.

It's a well known fact that fortunes are being made by selling high-demand health and wellness products on radio and television that appeal to the ever expanding baby-boomer market. You see these products all the time, over and over again.

It sounds simple. Develop a great product, give it massive media exposure... and bingo, the big money rolls in. True, national media is a powerful way to build wealth. But unfortunately, it's out of reach for most entrepreneurs... until now.

The company I've chosen to partner with spends millions of dollars each year advertising its products on television, radio, in print, and on the web. In return,

they pull in an average of 500 - 1,000+ new customers per day. These are not leads, but real customers.

Imagine people sitting in their homes, watching TV. They see a 30-minute infomercial and pick up the phone, dial an 800 number, and place their order.

Now, imagine that a percentage of those customers who placed an order through the company's call center become YOUR customers, and since the company generates business directly to the consumer

(no expensive storefronts), every marketing dollar is targeted, measured, and specific.

Customers are the lifeblood of any business. And with this business there's no hassle

, and since you can purchase the profit-sharing rights to those customers whenever you want (after meeting a simple qualification), the company does the rest retention, marketing, collection, inventory, shipping, etceven selling our customers additional products.

Each customer is nurtured with regular mailings, top quality service, and excellent products, which is why many of them remain loyal customers for many years.

This is the ONLY COMPANY in the entire home business industry I've found that offers this to its Affiliate Members (and it's what separates it from every other company out there).

In this business CUSTOMERS ARE CUSTOMERS. Many customers may become Affiliate Members later, but they love the products FIRST, and many are repeat buyers.

So the company helps supply the customers that are already BUYING PRODUCTS from them, while YOU, as an Affiliate Member, have the opportunity to reap the residual commissions month after month, year after year on any future orders placed by them.

The company has acquired over 2.5 million customers for Affiliate Members so far. So you have the ability to earn monthly commissions for the life of your customers. We can simply buy the life-time profit-sharing rights to customers from the infomercials, while we grow our business through enrolling new active Affiliate Members.

This strategy suits people from all walks of life that see this as a great vehicle to build a stable income over time, including busy professionals that have more money than time.

As an Affiliate Member, you're rewarded very well for building the business, and you can earn a percentage of all customers purchased by any Affiliate Members within your organization. Affiliate Members typically never quit, but even if they do quit, their customers stay with YOU.

Back-end Marketing To Your
Customers At No Cost To You

Not only does the company help you acquire customers through their infomercials and service your customers for you, they also continually market to your customers.

Their talented staff of designers and writers creates proven marketing materials which go out to your customers monthly at no additional cost to you.

They send hundreds of thousands of these 4-color product catalogs to customers every month to keep your customers interested and active

, which increases your retention and reorder rates, and can literally put money in your pocket month after month.

Scientifically Tested Products

If you want to be paid continually, you need a product or service that's consumable, so the customer has to keep refilling his or her supply, or set to a monthly autoship membership model so you advertise once, and get paid weekly commissions for months and years to come.

There are so many health-related companies out there these days that make all kinds of crazy claims, and most nutritional products are just "me too" type of knock-offs from other companies.

The FTC is cracking down on nutritional companies that make product claims they can't back up.

Even worse, a lot of these products are synthetic and composed mostly of artificial fillers that can do more harm than good because the body gets very little absorption of effective ingredients from these types of products.

However, our company's products don't fit into this category. Many of the products are developed from organic, whole food nutrients - NOT synthetic.

Benjamin Franklin said, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"
and our products are used by professional athletes, Olympian and healthcare professionals who passionately recommend them to others they care about.

They're clinically developed and laboratory tested to give the highest absorption rate. This ensures the active ingredients can be delivered as effectively as possible.

The company conducts controlled laboratory studies and trials, and collaborates with Arizona State University, Yale's University of Bridgeport, and other institutions to conduct product research to validate their product claims.

This takes 'truth in advertising' to the highest level possible and ensures that the products do exactly what they say they do, and best of all - they work.

Our doctor-formulated health products appeal to the aging baby-boomer generation. Wouldn't you agree it's certainly a market that won't be shrinking anytime soon?

Inflammation - The Secret Killer

TIME Magazine coined it "The Secret Killer," and how inflammation can impact all of us. Every day we're bombarded with new waves of toxins, pollutants, bacteria, viruses, and chemicals from the air we breathe, the water we drink, the foods we eat, and even the things we touch.

Our bodies respond to health threats with inflammation, but inflammation can be very dangerous. Inflammation doesn't just happen in your muscles and joints. It also happens everywhere else throughout your body, wherever your cells are being stressed or attacked.

Right now as you read this, you or someone you know could be suffering from any of following kinds of inflammation and their related health problems:

  • Muscle, joint, and bone inflammation causing ongoing body pain

  • Pulmonary inflammation causing allergies and asthmatic reactions

  • Arterial inflammation causing overall heart health concerns

  • Digestive tract inflammation causing ulcers

  • Widespread body cell inflammation causing overall tiredness

Severely swollen joints is one of the most common ailments and for Millions of North Americans, it turns their lives into a living hell of pain and disability caused by inflammation.

If you're one of those people, just walk into any doctor's office and you'll most likely walk out with an NSAID (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug).

The problem is, the NSAID painkillers arthritis sufferers habitually take (such as ibuprofen and Vioxx, etc.) can do more harm than good and wreak havoc on the stomach and kidneys.

Sure, they may mask the pain for a little while, but they don't ever get to the root of the problem. They fail to provide arthritis sufferers with pain relief and reduction of inflammation.

Why is this stuff about inflammation important to know?

Because all that suffering is needless.

Our company's product research team has uncovered a completely safe and natural plant-based food that may be the most powerful anti-inflammatory compound ever discovered.

Now, for the first time ever, instead of throwing their hands up in frustration, people with any type of pain or other health challenges due to inflammation, can finally find relief without the dangerous side effects of prescription drugs.

Clinical studies since 2014 have resulted in our company's flagship product with virtually no competition for a medically validated, all-natural anti-inflammatory solution.

Just look at all the ways it can help your body:

  • Relieve joint pain caused by inflammation and injuries

  • Improve breathing difficulties

  • Reduce swelling in joints and muscles

  • Reduce and normalize blood sugar levels

It's sourced directly from the fruit of the Nopal cactus, which is found throughout the Sonora Desert that stretches from California down into Mexico.

Mexicans, and their descendants (the Pima Indians), have been drinking Nopal cactus juice for many centuries, as it has a wide range of he

alth benefits, including cleansing of the colon and liver (tip: ideal if you have a hangover).

In fact, over 250 medical studies on the Nopal cactus have revealed it can also lower cholesterol levels, reduce blood sugar levels, and significantly reduce inflammation in the body.

For thousands of years, the people of the Sonoran Desert have tapped into the power of its native healing plants.

So what does all this have to do with YOU?

Well, as I said before, many home-based businesses today are finding it tough because they're selling things that people might want, but don't necessarily need.

With over 50 Billion dollars being spent every year on dangerous pain-reduction drugs, and millions of baby boomers suffering pain due to inflammation,

you can become part of the solution to the healthcare crisis in North America. You can offer an alternative, natural solution to the toxic chemicals hiding in our food source.

The company helps supply the customers that are ALREADY BUYING PRODUCTS from them, while YOU, as an Affiliate Member, have the opportunity to reap the residual commissions month after month, year after year on any future orders placed by them.

I understand that not everyone has health challenges, but many people out there do... and the point I want to make here is that this product has created a unique, once-in-a-lifetime financial opportunity for you to participate in the WELLNESS SOLUTION Millions are seeking.

Wealth gurus have always said the simple formula to success in any business is finding what people want, sharing it with them, and leading a movement.

The bigger the need, the bigger the potential is to prosper by providing a solution to the marketplace. We have that solution and all you need to do to benefit financially in a big way, is position yourself ahead of the wave that's coming.

Closing comments...

I hope this candid report has helped you gain a new understanding about the various choices you have in finding the right home business, and more importantly, why most people fail.

Perhaps this simply helps you to confirm your initial suspicions about the MLM industry. And the home business industry,

and even though this report includes my own opinions based on many years of in-the-trenches experience, I've done my best to be as fair, unbiased, and objective as possible.

I know I've given you a lot of information to chew on. You may have to read through this website twice or three times before you really grasp the magnitude of the kind of opportunity you have here in front of you.

That's fine. Take all the time you need. Understanding or NOT understanding what I've explained here may mean the difference between you earning a fortune from home over the next several years... or letting a fortune slip through your fingers.

It's been a real pleasure to share this information with y

ou and I hope you found value in it. Some people take ten years to learn this stuff, some take thirty years, and some never learn it until it's too late.

The definition of insanity of doing the same thing tomorrow you did today, but expecting a different result.

Successful entrepreneurs all have one thing in common; they take action and are willing to invest in themselves and a business for financial gain.

The opportunity I've just shared with you is considered by many top earners to be 'the best kept secret in the industry.' It's a "Sleeping Giant" about to be awakened. It's a company you can trust, with people of the highest integrity running it. It has a proven and solid track record which will be around for the long term.

The company has "permanent momentum" because their advertising and marketing never stops. The company's income is predictable, so they're able to allocate staff and resources to meet growth, and it's recession-proof because they dominate the infomercial marketplace.

"After many years in the home business industry, I'm very aware that just about every opportunity I see is either a scam or simply a new look on an old themewith some new get-rich-quick' compensation plan added to lure in unsuspecting people. Today I'm happy to say that this business offers a lot of hope for the average person that wants to create a safe and secure residual income for life. I'm absolutely convinced that this is the best opportunity I've seen for virtually everyone, regardless of your background, education or even current level of income. I haven't had this much fun in a long time." - Brad W.

Who are our members?

Our team members include doctors who are tired of all the hassles of running a practice, business owners who no longer want employee, regulator, and supplier problems, single moms who must build a business from home, retirees who are tired of living on a fixed income, school teachers, students, managers, factory workers, health care workers, others who appreciate a business they can build according to their schedule, financial professionals who want an income that doesn't depend on the stock market or real estate market, and anyone looking for long term income in a fun, supportive environment.

Best of all, our business is FREE to join!

It's time to take action!

Okay, if you've read this far, congratulations. You're more serious about your success than most people...

These are troubled times with businesses failing left and right, companies laying off employees, and new graduates unable to find work, but we're having our best year ever!

I suggest you bookmark this website so you can return later when you don't find what you're searching for elsewhere.

On the other hand...

If you can see the massive potential of the Customer-based business model you've been shown...
If you can recognize the tremendous benefits this business can bring to your life both physically and spiritually, as well as financially...
If you'd like to get started with your own business today and have the ability to acquire real customers from the company's infomercials...
If you can apply yourself to your business just a few hours each week...
If you're tired of joining one get-rich-quick program after the next and getting nowhere fast...
If your current business is NOT fulfilling your expectations, and you'd like to be part of our top team of full-time pros that no longer worry about their checks evaporating into thin air due to massive attrition...

Then there's

only ONE thing you need to do right now...

Take The Next Step!

You might be wondering...

  • Who's the company?
  • What are the products?
  • How can I start generating cash-flow right away?
  • What kind of support will I get?

These are great questions, and you certainly deserve to get the answers. In fact, I have another website that's designed to answer all of these questions for you!

So go ahead and fill out the form below

to continue on. You'll have a chance to fully evaluate this business pressure-free and decide if it's for you, or not no obligation whatsoever.

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No one can guarantee your success, that's up to you, but partnering with me and my team will stack the odds heavily in your favor.

Thanks for your time and I'll see you on the inside.

Best Regards,

Larry Oxenham

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